Weekend Blast

Being 8500 ft. above the desert was an adventure. The Aerial Tramway took us to  Mount San Jacinto State Park. Going up the mountain took about 15 minutes of nerve-wracking tram ride if you’re Acrophobic. Inside the tram, the floor rotates so you get a 360° of spectacular view as you climb up the mountain.

Mount San Jacinto has a lot of trails but you need to have a permit from the Ranger Station to do the long hard trails to climb the peak. –Don’t worry, there is an easy 2 mile trail for day-trippers.

The view was just amazing. It would have been adventurous to stay there for the night. –Just imagine, gazing at the clear sky with stars twinkling and the smell of burning wood from the camp fire while wrapped in a warm blanket. After a 2 hour hike, daydreaming and breathing in the cool breeze we head back to the station. 

As we descend from paradise and back to the desert, we can feel the 110°F  burning our skin. Best way to celebrate the 4th of July. God Bless America!

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