Trip to the Bay Area

A trip with family and friends is a must if you pass through this famous scenic route in California. “Look at that view” is just one of the many things that we blurted as we were mesmerised by the scenic view along the Pacific Coastal Highway. 

We started our trip from LA and we were excited for our long road trip. Our first stop was an iconic place in Fast and Furious, the Neptune’s Nest. We can’t help but in some little way be a part of the Fast and Furious franchise.

Part of our road trip was to experience Solvang. A small town in the county of Santa Barbara. It was a beautiful place to relax, shop and enjoy its Danish community.

One of the things you can do in Solvang is to visit the Ostrich Farm. There is a small entrance fee of $4 and and an optional $1(Ostrich food) to feed the Ostrich.

The best part of Solvang are the souvenir shops. From cuckoo clocks to little figurines.

After spending a night in Solvang we then head off to the City by the Bay via PCH. 

The view was spectacular. Though the roads were winding and narrow it was a trip that I would gladly do again. 

There are a lot of places to stop and stretch while enjoying the breathtaking view. I suggest to take 2 days off and take your time in exploring the state parks along the PCH.

After an 8 hour drive from Solvang to San Francisco we ended our adventure at Torpedo Wharf where we just sat and watch as waves crash on the wharf.

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