San Francisco: Wharf and Prison

San Francisco will always have a place in my heart. Though it was my 2nd time visiting, the feeling of being able to visit my favourite city was exciting. I couldn’t help but enjoy our trip as I was driving down Pacific Coastal Highway. After hundreds of miles and long hours of driving, we finally made it to San Francisco. 

Our first stop was The Fisherman’s Wharf a famous tourist destination. It’s a great place for foodies and shoppers alike. Different varieties of bistros and souvenir shops but better stay away  from this place if you hate the crowd. It’s always packed with tourist and it’s hard to look for parking –especially if you visit on a holiday. The best thing about the Fisherman’s wharf  is that you get the front seat view of Alcatraz. And if you’re planning on staying till sundown, bring a coat, it gets pretty chilly at night.

Our 2nd day was a whole lot different. We were wondering what it’s like to be in prison. I guess it was the curiosity from watching Orange is the New Black that we decided to go on an Alcatraz Tour.

We were lucky to have bought our last minute tickets at a reasonable price of $80(including the bay tour) –other package tour prices can go as high as $180 per person. The Alcatraz tours were fully booked for the whole week.

The ferry ride will take about 10-15 minutes to reach the island. It was a 45 minute audio tour around Alcatraz but you can stay there until 6pm. The place wasn’t creepy as I thought it would be considering it was my first time to be in a prison. –Next time we’re going on the Night Tour.

But it was definitely a must-go-to tourist attraction in San Francisco.

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