Little Next Door

One of the best things in LA is having a lot of bistros, especially where I am currently staying. My family always love good food, I mean who doesn’t?

I had a chance to dine at Little Next Door last night. It is a bistro between The Grove and Beverly Connection. If you want a place to relax after a day’s work, a place where you can listen to the sweet tone of french in the background, and of course, good food; Little Next Door is the place to be. Good food accompanied by good service is a double thumbs up for me.

Though I’m lactose intolerant I just can’t help but dig in their Chef’s Cured Meat Plate. Like how my Aunt described it, the cheese was premium.
HOMEMADE FOIE GRAS AU TORCHON is another appetizer that is a must-try!

Don’t forget to try their ESCARGOT.

As soon as we finished with the appetizers our entrèe was ready. The ROASTED SALMON was just melting in my mouth.

FRENCH MACARON!! Don’t you just love French Macarons? They offer several different flavours that can just make you enjoy like a little kid. One of my favourite is the salted-caramel macaron.

I would give this bistro a 4 out of 5.
Definitely would recommend this place.

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