Kitchen Story: Happy Ending

San Francisco is not only famous for their Golden Gate Bridge or their cable cars but for their bistros as well. 

We happened to stumble across this amazing restaurant while picking up our sandwiches at IKE’S PLACE They serve the best sandwiches in the Bay Area. Just next to IKE’S was a crowd lining up at Kitchen Story. And like any other food lovers, we were curious.

The next day without any hesitation we went straight to Kitchen Story beating the rush hour diners for breakfast. And we were in for a treat.

Their food was great especially their mouthwatering MILLIONAIRE’S BACON honey glazed bacons paired with sunny side up eggs and fried potatoes.

Belly Rancheros slow braised Kurobuta pork belly, avocado, arugula, Kimchi Pico De Gallo,
spicy guacamole, corn tortilla.

By the time we were done filling our bellies the line was ridiculously long. And thus a happy ending.

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