Robata Jinya

Looking for an authentic Japanese restaurant here in LA isn’t a trouble but if you’re looking for an authentic and vibrant Japanese restaurant, Robata Jinya is the place to go. They’ve got valet and their service is pretty good.

One of my favourite things about this restaurant is the sushi bar. You get to see the action from grilling your wagyu beef to preparing their appealing sashimi dishes.

Btw, before heading to this restaurant be sure to be H-U-N-G-R-Y or else you wouldn’t have the space in your stomach to fit all that delicious dishes.

Their special Wagyu Skewer is “beeflicious”! Though it may burn a hole in your pocket, for $13 a piece I can definitely say it’s worth it. Without the effort of chewing it just melts in your mouth.

Their Sashimi covered in truffles oil and Japanese sesame seeds has a variety of dipping sauce that compliments your preferred taste. They have the crushed cilantro, spicy mayo and miso.

Grilled scallops and unni with caviar is simple but delicious

As a picky eater of veggies the grilled okra was an exception.

If you don’t have a big appetite for ramen I recommend to get the small ramen(half portion)

What I love about this ramen is how they boiled the soy egg and how soft their pork though lacking taste, other than that it was alright.

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