1. Weekend Blast

    07 Jul 2015
    Being 8500 ft. above the desert was an adventure. The Aerial Tramway took us to  Mount San Jacinto State Park. Going up the mountain took about 15 minutes of nerve-wracking tram ride if you’re Acrophobic. Inside the tram, the floor rotates so you get a 360° of spectacular view as…

  2. Midnight Art

    01 Jul 2015
     I thought it would be dangerous heading out to Arts District in downtown LA at midnight with my buddies, but it turned out to be safe and fun. The area was deserted, all that was left were us and the arts. –You really don’t have to worry when going

  3. French Market Cafe

    18 Jun 2015
    A simple and lively French Market Cafe along Abbot Kinney Blvd was added to my list of favourite cafes in Southern California. It has a small variety of french products like jams, coffee, spices and cooking books. Its simplicity, liveliness and good food is what I love about this cafe…

  4. Kitchen Story: Happy Ending

    15 Jun 2015
    San Francisco is not only famous for their Golden Gate Bridge or their cable cars but for their bistros as well.  We happened to stumble across this amazing restaurant while picking up our sandwiches at IKE’S PLACE They serve the best sandwiches in the Bay Area. Just next to…

  5. San Francisco: Wharf and Prison

    08 Jun 2015
    San Francisco will always have a place in my heart. Though it was my 2nd time visiting, the feeling of being able to visit my favourite city was exciting. I couldn’t help but enjoy our trip as I was driving down Pacific Coastal Highway. After hundreds of miles and long…

  6. Trip to the Bay Area

    07 Jun 2015
    A trip with family and friends is a must if you pass through this famous scenic route in California. “Look at that view” is just one of the many things that we blurted as we were mesmerised by the scenic view along the Pacific Coastal Highway.  We started our trip…

  7. Downtown LA: Arts District

    28 Mar 2015
    Arts District is now one of the few places in Downtown LA that I love. After a brief visit last night I just couldn’t help but appreciate all the mural in the area. It gets more lively as it gets later at night since there are a lot of bistros…

  8. Robata Jinya

    20 Mar 2015
    Looking for an authentic Japanese restaurant here in LA isn’t a trouble but if you’re looking for an authentic and vibrant Japanese restaurant, Robata Jinya is the place to go. They’ve got valet and their service is pretty good One of my favourite things about this restaurant is the sushi…

  9. Little Next Door

    13 Mar 2015
    One of the best things in LA is having a lot of bistros, especially where I am currently staying. My family always love good food, I mean who doesn’t I had a chance to dine at Little Next Door last night. It is a bistro between The Grove and Beverly…

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